Friday, March 6, 2009

Industrial Devolution,
My Buddy
Chris Ramirez sent me this piece
I think anything like this needs to be passed on.
If there's anything at all truly important about
the internet it's the ability to raise awareness
on a massive scale. The environment should
be our #1 concern, a healthy planet
for our survival. We need it, It doesn't need us.
It will survive with or with out us.
If we want to lengthen our stay here
and help to Nurture life in general,
it would be good to remember that money is power.
If you don't have the time to get out and protest
you can be just as effective and make just as
huge a difference (if not more) simply by spending your money
consciously. Every day you spend money on
something, if you put that cash into environmentally
conscious and responsible company's big and small
you'll create positive change.
Adam Weiss Adam Weiss Adam Weiss Adam Weiss
Adam Weiss Adam Weiss Adam Weiss Adam Weiss

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